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Veggie sesame stir fry

Sesame veggie stir-fry on millet

I do not have anything in my fridge at this moment. Aie! Financial austerity measures, flat buying obliges. So, it is the end of the month, meaning the end of food stock in my fridge, freezer and cupboards. Making a tabula rasa. But, aren’t we at our most creative when we are are put under great limitations? [+]


Brownie tartlet at its simplest

I moved to a new flat last week and my food stocks suffered. The cupboards are still relatively empty and the fridge and freezer even emptier. So, this simple recipe I found from Georgia Harding’s Wellnourished website, was a great response to satisfy my cravings for chocolate sweetness in a healthy yet quick and fuss-free way, using [+]

Cauliflower and broccoli lemon pasta

Lemony cauliflower & broccoli pasta

True, I was absent for a while (changing apartments), but when I am on this blog, it is almost bulimic. So here is another recipe, which I did a while ago but saved it, cos I liked it so much. I love every single ingredient it has, cauliflower, broccoli, almonds, lemon, so for me it [+]


Spice-full chickpea, broccoli & cauliflower spelt

Here is another one of those Sunday recipes that I make to be able to cover for a couple of lunches at the office. It is easy to eat before the computer (I know, it is a nasty habit but these days a necessity for me), and totally healthy, so even if a tend to [+]

Snickers bars

Are-they-for-real-healthy Snickers bars

This is a recipe adapted from Naturally Ella, whose posts I receive regularly and I always find very inspiring. It is Sunday and I have just tested it, cos today is a day when I think of what food might be best to get me through what will be a full and stressful week at the office. These [+]


Dressing-up rice in kale & pistacchios

I rarely cook rice but I found this mix of brown, red and black wild rice at Le retour à la terre (this store is great, a good balance between choice and orderliness, both of which are never found in Parisian organic stores), and wanted to try it out. I found the perfect “green” recipe while going [+]


The simplest start – buttering the peanuts

This inaugural post is dedicated to a dear friend of mine, who could not think of a better thing to do than encourage me to start a blog, and her three peanut-butter-eating boys. I have been told they appreciate this peanut butter, so here I am sharing it. Thank you SSZ! So, let’s get started. [+]

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