Kooking in Kika’s kitchen: 1st plant-based workshop


It happened! I did my first ever plant-based cooking workshop at my place!!! I was so afraid how it would work, not because of the cooking, but because I am not always at ease with transmitting what I know. But, boys and girls, this worked!

A dear friend’s husband offered to his wife this workshop for a few of her friends, so we gathered at my place and cooked up a nice healthy plant-based and gluten-free brunch together. And guess what? They loved it (I dare think ).  It was all goodness, colour and fun girl-time on the brunch table.

If you are curious, we did a few yummy things together: a detox kleen green smoothie, a gluten-free black flat-bread, the pink hummus, the fat-free (also again gluten-free) choco muffins, and, the star of the table, a peanut butter sauce Buddha bowl!

img_0623 fullsizerender-1 img_0631

Whatever is not on the pages of yours truly yet, will be here soon – so watch out for it!

I will try to do more of these small friendly plant-based workshops in my kitchen, aka Kika’s kitchen, so if you are interested, send me a line!

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