Cooling the day off: detox fruit coolers


Ah, summertime in Paris… Days are long, luminous, people are joyful, and these past few ones have been so warm that one thinks quite often about chilling out and chilling oneself. Well, fruit coolers are great for that! Fun to make and colourful, I always have one (or both) of them in my fridge. And, they are exactly what I need after I good morning run, to chase all those toxins.

So, here is how to do them:

Blueberry/mint cooler – Infuse a handful of blueberries and a few mint leaves in filtered water, leaving them overnight in your fridge

Cucumber/lemon cooler – Infuse a few slices of lemon and of cucumber in filtered water, leaving them overnight in the fridge.

And enjoy your refreshment in the morning!

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