Cauliflower and broccoli lemon pasta

Lemony cauliflower & broccoli pasta

True, I was absent for a while (changing apartments), but when I am on this blog, it is almost bulimic. So here is another recipe, which I did a while ago but saved it, cos I liked it so much. I love every single ingredient it has, cauliflower, broccoli, almonds, lemon, so for me it [+]


Spice-full chickpea, broccoli & cauliflower spelt

Here is another one of those Sunday recipes that I make to be able to cover for a couple of lunches at the office. It is easy to eat before the computer (I know, it is a nasty habit but these days a necessity for me), and totally healthy, so even if a tend to [+]


Dressing-up rice in kale & pistacchios

I rarely cook rice but I found this mix of brown, red and black wild rice at Le retour à la terre (this store is great, a good balance between choice and orderliness, both of which are never found in Parisian organic stores), and wanted to try it out. I found the perfect “green” recipe while going [+]

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