A vegan pioneer: Brasserie 2ème Art


This is your typical French brasserie – but, finally not so much. Why? Cos the Brasserie 2eme Art has it all vegan! It plays with some well-known dishes (many of them not so French though), such as pasta bolognese, pizzas, pad thai, risotto, or, for dessert, French toast, chocolate cake, … while adapting them for us plant eaters. Their pizzas are also gluten-free.

I went for a weekend lunch and had the pad thai. I must say, it was better than most Thai restaurants I have been to in Paris. It was very rich in taste, and absolutely not stingy on the veggies. I went again and had a veggies rice, which was also really good and colourful. The veggies were cooked just about right – so not too soft. Proportionally there was more of them than of the rice, so the dish was light – but perhaps even too light as there was also too little of it, so if you are really hungry (as I was the evening I went), go for something else .

For dessert, I was really tempted by the French toast, but have to say I was a bit disappointed, cos I think it could have gained in sophistication and moist. The dough was a bit hard (I think it was gluten-free) and therefore it had not really absorbed the sauce served with it. Another dessert I have tried is the chocolate cake, served with whipped cream and ice cream. It was good, very chocolatey, not heavy – but very standard, so certainly something that you can make at home.

Et voilà! The savouries are definitely better than the sweets, but in all cases, if you are vegan, this place is – as we say in French – incontournable .   Even more so as the brasserie is very central (not far from Châtelet) and as the whole thing is not too expensive for Parisian standards (gosh, I cannot remember the prices though – next time I have to better ).

Brasserie 2ème Art – 49 rue Montmartre, 75002 Paris

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