Tasting Berlin’s healthfood culture: Spreegold

Spreegold Berlin

I am spending some two weeks this summer with my sweetheart in Berlin and, if the sun is often wanting, there is no lack in this young and dynamic city of healthfood and vegan places to eat and drink. I may be limited to the very “bobo” (read “bohemian chic”) Prenzluer Berg, where I am located, but I feel so much at home among the vegan restaurants, smoothie shops and organic stores that are simply swelling the neighbourhood.

One such place is Spreegold, whose extremely well garnished day menu is mostly dedicated to healthy breakfasts (Berliners seem to love their breakfasts), and is a very inspiring assembly of fresh salads, veggie toasts, eggs in all shapes and sizes, handmade pastas, the inevitable veggie burgers with sweet potato fries, freshly made juices and superfood smoothies, including, and this is something I see for the first time, a good selection for the paleo-diet affecionados! Just the other day, I had a yummy nutricious toast with grilled haloumi, poached egg and avocado that, although a combination that you find on most healthfood blogs, was just heaven (I hope the feature photo says something of it).

And just as I am writing, benefiting from the one-hour-free wireless, I am endulging in a very decadent but oh-so-good and oh-so-guilt-free paleo superfood smofullsizerender-13othie somewhat wrongly entitled “Chocolate Caramel Hit by Edna”. True, you do get hit by an intense chocolate-y taste, but there is nothing caramel about it (and I have no clue who Edna is): it is a really nicely balanced combination of raw cocoa, almond milk, coconut (I think it is coconut milk) and banana. This, I will definitely reproduce at home (unlike the matcha latte which was the only disappointment at Spreegold because, when asked to make it without sugar, I was told it was impossible as it was an instant powder drink!!! Aie!!!)

Spreegold – Stargarder Str. 82, Berlin (but there are also other addresses in Berlin – check out their website!)

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