About Kikakooksklean

2nd-photo-in-about-me-smallHello friends! Welcome to my blog! I hope you are or will be using and enjoying it, finding recipes that fit your search for healthy food and no-harm food.

I have to say, I don’t have a very particular story to tell. Kikakooksklean was simply born of an increasing need to eat healthily, to stay in control, and to cause, through consumption, as little harm as possible both to other beings and the environment as a whole.

At the same time, I also wanted to have fun with food, explore tastes I was not used to, and show that being someone that has plant-based diet can be tasty, cool, fresh, urban and elegant. And, last but not least, it can all be very simple.

So, there it is! Kikakooksklean is here!

The recipes you will find here are plant-based for the majority of them, though sometimes I don’t resist the occasional cheese , so some are a bit more flexible. They reflect what interests me, what I love to cook and to eat. I know being vegan can be expensive, so also I try to include cheaper recipes. As I am of Macedonian origin, I sometimes take the recipes I have grown up with and either feature them here or adapt them to be fully vegan (which for the meat-eating Balkans, can be a real challenge, believe me ). Finally, I have invited friends to feature their fav plant-based recipes, which you will also find here.

This is a one woman show, a personal passion, and not a business, so please bear with me if this blog is not as professional-functioning as you may expect. I upload recipes at my own rhythm, reflecting my moods, time, current interests… 

So friends, there is only one thing I can say in the end: enjoy!

Yours, Kika xxxx


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